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Homes that leak vs Leaky Homes
Sept 19, 2014

As licensed builders we get called out to inspect houses that have been damaged by water. Now water damaged houses fall into two categorys:

  • Homes that leak

  • Leaky homes

Its important to explain the difference between the two types.

All houses will eventually leak at some stage in their life because all building materials become damaged and perished with age. Once it reaches this stage you will have to replace the damaged area or the problem will only get worse and continue to cost more to repair. Its a simple case of less is more. If you carry out small tasks like cleaning out gutters and drains and checking on the condition of the roof and wall cladding on a regular basis you can catch any future issues before they become an expensive problem. And if you are looking at buying a house make sure you get it checked out by a pro. It will protect you from problems with your asset in the future.

"Leaky Homes" are a different case altogether . They tend to be more modern homes built during 1990s and up to the late 2000. They leak for a number of reasons. Mainly because they where designed and or built poorly using substandard materials and improper building techniques. These houses have problems built into them from new and can be very expensive to repair. Even though is now illegal to sell a "Leaky Home" if you know that its got a problem, its still a case of buyer beware.